Mahmoud Abumayyaleh, the owner of Cup Foods, the convenience store in Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed has made a decision to not involve law enforcement going forward for non-violent incidents.

To think that this was proper protocol for them to call law enforcement over what appeared to be a counterfeit bill. This is truly an interesting take from the owner of the store. How many times have we been told to follow protocol and report something if it doesn't look right?

What if when we reported something, it lead to the death of an unarmed male or female? When I saw this riveting letter from the owner of the store, I felt him as his employees were simply following protocol, and to think that this will be with them for the rest of their lives.

Read the letter posted to Mahmoud Abumayyaleh's personal Facebook page.

The people demand justice and when we all come together to realize this is an everyone problem and not just individuals, we can get to some type of resolution. I commend Mr. Abumayyaleh and all in their respective communities as well as ours for unifying to combat evil as we see it.

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