Today in Tha Wire after scoring $115 million in a judgment against Gawker Media over the release of his sex tape, Hulk Hogan just got another check.  According to TMZ, the former wrestler will be awarded an additional $25 million in punitive damages, for a grand total of $140 milli.
Here's the payout breakdown;  Gawker Media will have to pay $15 mil, the gossip sites owner, Nick Denton, is on the hook for $10 mil, and the sites Editor, A.J. Daulerio, who's responsible for posting the tape, will have to cough up $100,000.

In spite of that, TMZ reports Gawker Media is holding out hope that the verdict will be overturned.  The gossip site issued a statement saying they had a right to post the tape, because it was newsworthy and therefore protected by the First Amendment.

Their also saying the judge over the trial, totally disregarded critical evidence.  Most the testimony of Hogans former buddy, Bubba Clem himself, who claims Hulk knew he was making a sex tape. Mmmmmm. No telling where this is gonna go, but I'll keep you posted.


Finally, G-Unit's Young Buck may be headed back to jail.  According to Allhiphop the rapper is being accused of threatening a man, who's engaged to one of his baby mama's, and failing another drug test.

According to prosecutors want Buck to go back in jail, after he allegedly threatened a man trying to collect back child support for one of his daughters. The rapper who's real name is, David Darnell Brown, posted a series of angry texts after the guy called him a deadbeat dad and apparently his P.O. officer got wind of them.

Word has it the officer contacted the victim, who confirmed threats were made against him.  The man claims he is in fear for his life and in the process of getting a restraining order.

This is not a good look for Buck, beings he still has three years probation stemming from a 2013 conviction that led to him serving 18 months in jail.  Even worse, court docs show the rapper failed another drug test this month and this is definite grounds that can land him back in jail.

That would be a bad thing, because the rapper recently posted he's gearing up to star in an upcoming reality show.

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Sure hope for his sake, everything works out for the good.  In the meantime for all things entertainment listen to Tha Wire on The People's Station 107 Jamz twice a day, every weekday at 12:50 p.m. and 3:35 p.m.