Prophet Brian Carn, is the Pastor of Kingdom City Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, has a hilarious reaction to the horrible odor that engulfs his entire church. During his sermon, someone passed gas and unleashed a soul-stirring stench that could not be ignored. The foul smell noticeably overcame the congregation as it filled the church statuary.

Everyone was fanning and doing their best to maintain their composure. Then Carn acknowledged he could smell it too, and the entire church burst into laughter. The young Pastor may want to consider comedy as a side hustle because his comments were absolutely hilarious.

He noticed his congregation struggling to fan the odor away, and mid-sentence tells parishioners, "Yes, I smell it too! That thing is strong." Everyone lost it at that point! The Kingdom City Church Preacher shouted, "Someone is having a breakthrough!" He said, I was trying to preach through it, but that thing would not release." This is too funny. Watch Pastor Carn's reaction and get ready to laugh like never before!

Was he on point or what? Hey, they say laughter is good for the soul! This church congregation got more than they bargained for on that Sunday Morning Service, so they deserved a good hardy laugh. Hopefully, the ushers opened the door to let that evil spirit out of the church so that Prophet Carn could proceed with his sermon.

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