Miles Davis was ahead of his time. He played the Trumpet like it was a game and he perfected it down to a science. There are alot of artist who came after him, but there were none who were like him.


Actor Don Cheadle decided to do a movie about the musical icon and release it to theatres. I have attached a brief trailer from the movie that you can see. Don really plays the part and if this is any indication of what is to, I think it's safe to say that I see Oscars, SAG Awards and plenty others in the path for this movie. Check out the trailer below along with an exclusive interview with the legend.

Classic Interview with Miles Davis:


Classic music and movie by this man here. I don't have the official release date for the movie, but I will be there when it comes out. I was a huge fan of his last album "Doo Bop" where he actually fused jazz and hip hop with the help of producer Easy Mo Bee. Props to Don Cheadle who is a great actor and you can believe that this will not disappoint.


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