This brother always brings the light to the most controversial situations, and Lupe Fiasco delivers again with his new single "Bad Bi$%h. Now when you hear the title of the song, the first thing you will do is for most people get on the defense, but if you take the time to listen I think you will see it has a message! Peep the video below and listen to the lyrics. With alot of what's out there right now, we need something different and this is it.Lupe Fiasco " Bi$%h Bad"



This has got to be one of the realest videos that I have seen in a while. He really makes some valid points and if you check it out you can see that it will make you think. We all have to do better, myself included and you can best believe that I am working on it. In all things, it's a process, so make sure you try to take the proper steps to work on it. Go out and support the Lupe Fiasco movement going and support his newest release to drop Food & Liquor 2 on the tentative  date of 9.25.12.  Props to Lupe for showing that the artist have the mics and the voice and it's up to them to decide to do something positive or negative. Luckily for Mr. Fiasco, he always drops the realness.


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