While Saturday Night Live has not been the funniest show lately. It is still doing well on television and alot of folks are still tuning in to see who will be the next big star. The show has spawned the careers of Will Farrell, Tracy Morgan, Eddie Murphy and so many more.

The newest breed include Jay Pharoah who was recently fired unfortunately and this guy here Pete Davidson. The comedian doesn't have many regular roles and things like that. But he is a familiar face and will have an upcoming comedy special on Comedy Central. He is sitting down with The Breakfast Club to talk about his role on SNL and his thoughts on losing cast mates from the show.

Pete Davidson Talks To The Brekafast Club:


I am sure that Pete will be around for a minute and has a pretty bright future as far as television goes. Make sure you check out his special "SMD" popping of this weekend on Comedy Central.

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