Not owning a dog personally, I honestly had no idea you couldn't take dogs to the city's parks. According to this petition, it is very much a rule, and some want it changed.

Started by Carla Chrisco, the petition is asking the city of Lake Charles to allow leashed dogs to walk along the boardwalk and public parks. The petition mentions there are some dangers to walking dogs throughout the city on sidewalks and roadways due to traffic and the conditions of the walking areas.

Prien Lake Park does allow properly leashed dogs on its grounds, but it is run by the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, not the city. Prien Lake Park has doggy poo bags set up all around the park as well as doggy watering areas for your pup to catch a sip during your walks. The dog parks in place - or what's left of them - only allow for the animal to run around and play. This doesn't allow for the owner to walk the dog as desired.

The petition has some pushback. One commenter on Facebook suggested the ducks and birds surrounding the Lake Charles Civic Center have been injured and killed by dogs visiting the area and therefore, they shouldn't be allowed on the grounds. The other was the fact that irresponsible owners might not clean up after Fido takes a deuce on the sidewalk.

The petition is asking for the City Council to adjust its regulations on animals in city parks and bring them more in line with the Parish-run parks. Currently, the petition has 102 supporters out of their goal of 500.

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