If you're not keeping track, we are still under Phase Two of the CDC guidelines issued by Governor Edwards. This current phase allowed some live music to be played, but it must be outdoors with a lot of other stipulations put in place. In all honesty, it was fairly confusing. Now, it seems the guidelines have been changed to allow live performances to happen indoors. With that being said, the venue must meet certain criteria and guidelines.

The rules outlining live music inside were amended by the state on June 12. Live music is now permitted inside, but to even begin the process of having a band or musician inside, the business must get permission from the state. The request, according to opensafely.la.gov, has to tell the state about what measures the venue has in place to adhere to the new guidelines.

  • Documentation must be provided to show the venue's HVAC system can change the air six times per hour in the space the band and audience will be occupying
  • The band must be at least 12 feet from the audience inside the venue
  • The venue must have at least one of these additional measures put in place:
    • UV-C lighting system placed in the ducts of the HVAC supply-side before it branches off
    • A minimum of 2,000 CFM direct air flow toward the performers but away from the audience
    • Independent HVAC system in place just for the performance area inside the venue
  • Performers in the venue must adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Management of the venue must offer face coverings and temperature checks to all attendees

Once the request is submitted to the state, they claim there will be a response given to the venue owner within two business days of receiving them. The venue must wait for a response from the state before they can hold any live entertainment inside.

Those are some tall orders to be put in place for venues that haven't been open for months. It's not an ideal situation, but at least it gives an opportunity for more venues to have entertainment that don't have the means to have an outdoor area for musicians to perform. On the upside, from a stage performing part, that dedicated HVAC system on the stage does sound pretty nice during the summer!

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