The Dungeon Family is set to reunite on stage for the first time in years at ONE MusicFest in Atlanta on Saturday (Sept. 10). The gathering will feature all of the original DF members, including Goodie MOB, OutKast (yes, even Three Stacks will be there), Organized Noize, Cool Breeze, Big Rube, Witchdoctor and Killer Mike.

So, in light of what's pretty much guaranteed to be an epic event (seriously, T-Mo has been live streaming rehearsal footage on Facebook, and it's awesome), we asked Phonte of Little Brother fame to take time out of his busy schedule to share his favorite Dungeon Family tunes.

Anyone who follows Tigallo already knows he's one of the foremost authorities on music in the game, with vast knowledge that spans across genres (just look at his own discography), and he's shared on more than one occasion how influential the Dungeon Family has been to his own sound. He even collaborated with Witchdoctor on Cunninglynguists' 2007 standout track, "Yellow Lines" from their Dirty Acres album.

So although he's been busy touring with The Foreign Exchange in support of their last acclaimed album, 2015's Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey, writing the rhymes for the VH1 hip-hop drama The Breaks and promoting his fantastic collaborative album with Eric Roberson called Tigallerro, he agreed to honor the momentous DF reunion with a quick list of his favorite songs.

In no particular order, here are Phonte's Top 10 Dungeon Family Songs. Enjoy!

  • 10



    "Holiday" from the 1998 cult classic, A S.W.A.T. Healin' Ritual.

  • 9



    "Mainstream" featuring T-MO and Khujo from the 1996 album, ATLiens. 

    "Revolutionary, scary / Thought-provoking, spoken words of change I don't feel but see / Visions from me / At 23 making it free in my community / One day is what I live for / Ain't thinking about hope no more..." - T-Mo

  • 8

    "Goodie Bag"

    Goodie MOB

    "Goodie Bag" from the 1995 classic, Soul Food.

    "First of all, I stand a little more than five feet tall / But we can still brawl, n----, I ain't scared at all / I guess you n----s don't know or can't see / That it ain't even wise stepping to me incorrectly..." - Cee-Lo

  • 7

    "Ghetto Camelot"

    Cool Breeze

    "Ghetto Camelot" is from Cool Breeze's 1999 album, East Point's Greatest Hit.

    "Ya'll better look out, coming to ya'll neighborhood soon / A lil East Point vet and they call him Freddy Calhoun / When he was growing up on the block they called him cotta / And said if cool can't cut her, he must've came with her brother..." - Cool Breeze

  • 6

    "One of Them Nights"

    Sleepy Brown

    "One of Them Nights" from Sleep Brown's 2006 album, Mr. Brown.

    "Whatever your groove, we got it (alright) / Ain't nobody leavin' 'cause it's time to get on board..." - Sleepy Brown

  • 5

    "Black Ice (Sky High)"

    Goodie MOB

    "Black Ice (Sky High)" featuring Big Gipp, Andre 3000 and Big Boi was featured on Goodie MOB's classic 1998 album, Still Standing.

    "Circulate like a Sunday paper / Capers caught long time, to cheap flicks, good picks / Paid hard, watch the hard turn sideways / Pick the tale for real sales to those who lose cash..." - Big Gipp

  • 4

    "Dez Only 1"

    Witchdoctor Featuring OutKast

    "Dez Only 1" featuring OutKast from the 1998 album, A S.W.A.T. Healin' Ritual. 

    "Check it out, uh, if in this life I strive to please him / In this day and night, I’m not always right / Even when i’m wrong/You should be afraid to anger him, cause you could be gone..." - Witchdoctor

  • 3

    "I Can't Wait"

    Sleepy Brown featuring OutKast

    "I Can't Wait" featuring OutKast was featured on the 2006 album, Mr. Brown. 

    "I'm the type of guy that notice subtle signs / When I cuddle mine / She ain't even trying' / To look sexy, but even if she was, so what? / Mothf---er grow up / Don't mean to be so abrupt / But that let's me know that she's a human being/And being human's hard / On the boulevard / Girl, you got it bad / Glad I'm not one / But yet you got it good / You are the hot one..." - Andre 3000

  • 2


    Society of Soul

    "E.M.B.R.A.C.E."is from Society of Soul's 1995 cult classic album, Brainchild.

    "First I'll take you, wrap my arms around you and I look into your eyes / I love you too / Then I'll show you how deep my love runs for you / cause no one can do it better..." - Sleepy Brown, Espraronza

  • 1

    "Da Art of Storytelling Pt. 1"


    "Da Art of Storytelling Pt. 1" shows up on OutKast's legendary1998 album, Aquemini. 

    "Somebody hit me the other day for a rendezvous / Was it the b--- that f---ed the Goodie, and the Dungeon Crew / Let's say her name was Suzy Skrew, cause she screwed a lot..." - Big Boi


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