Lake Charles, La. - If you don't have to be on the road during Tropical Storm Harvey as it continues to pound the Gulf Coast, stay inside. If you drive up to a flooded street, turn around and go back the way you came from. Don't risk it. Unless you have a jacked up truck, your vehicle is not a boat or submarine.

As I approached the intersection of Goos Street and Evans Street I noticed a car stalled in between the yard of an abandoned church house and the street, occupied by a woman and three young boys. I checked on them, and she told me she was on the phone with road side assistance. I gathered that she wasn't from the area, and was very unfamiliar with how quickly certain streets in Lake Charles can flood during torrential rain showers. What she also didn't know was that road side assistance was not going to send out a tow truck to retrieve her vehicle until the water recedes from the roads and streets. High waters also put tow trucks in danger of stalling out.

Unless you really have to be out driving due to an emergency or maybe making your way to work, or a quick trip to grocery store, stay home.

I'll continue to update this list as more photos are collected, and feel free to email me at for any photo's from around Lake Charles, and South West Louisiana that you would like to share.

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