Lake Charles based frozen pop and ice cream shop Pops and Rockets is rebranding itself as BOOMBOX frozen pops and ice cream. The decision for a name change happened because of similar names in nearby markets, and the company plans to expand into other markets soon.

Pops and Rockets is one of my go to spots on the weekend when I want to keep cool and cure a sweet tooth. I can't say that I'm surprised about the future expansion. I've always felt the business had so much potential to grow when it was introduced to the city several years ago, and I love the nostalgic way they market their products. I'm not sure how I feel about the name change to BOOMBOX, but I think I can get over it as long as the quality of the frozen pops and ice cream are as good or better than before.

In a media release from Nick Villaume, BOOMBOX’s CEO, he stated the following,

“As we considered our expansion, we wanted to choose a name that would be easy to remember, fun, and aligned with our brand identity of promoting 1980’s culture. The boom box was a logical choice as everyone know what a boom box is and it is an iconic symbol of 80’s culture.”

The company has also added new staff members to help the company in its growth, and expect more store locations going forward as well as a upcoming public event to celebrate their 5 year anniversary in Downtown Lake Charles.

In case you have yet to try their delicious products, here's a complete description about BOOMBOX below.

BOOMBOX Frozen Pops and Ice Cream is a manufacturer and retailer of artisan ice pops and ice cream that is based in Lake Charles, LA. They name their products after 1980’s songs and bands and theme their stores in a nostalgic 1980’s theme. BOOMBOX was started as Pops and Rockets in 2014 by childhood friends and has grown from a home-based business to retail stores, mobile food sales, and a [soon to be] franchise organization.

For more information contact Nick Villaume at 404.822 5847, or email

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