Today will just be a food day. If the Drew Brees red beans and rice didn't make you sad, this topic might. Popeyes has decided to get rid of their Cajun rice. Not only are they doing away with what could possibly be one of the greatest sides to ever walk this Earth, but they are doing away with their green beans as well.

Honestly, I didn't even know they had green beans, so that part isn't as heartbreaking as the rice issue. I read it on Facebook originally, but between the stock market and that police chief, I decided to Google it to make sure what I had read was, in fact, the truth. I ran across a food blogger, Allison Robicelli. She had gotten wind of the situation from a friend's husband and decided to reach out to her contacts at Popeyes.

The response Robicelli got was heartbreaking. Not even she was prepared for the answer she writes in her blog. According to Popeyes, the two items are indeed no longer on their menu, but please enjoy the other numerous sides they have to offer. We are now forced to quit the Cajun concoction cold turkey.

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