Producer Zaytonven says Gucci Mane once walked out of a studio session, because of a prank former reality television star Hoopz played on him while he was sleeping.

According to Zay, Gucci was waiting for him at his old recording studio in his mothers' basement in Atlanta and fell asleep on the couch. Apparently, Hoopz was there hanging out too and thought it would be funny if she messed with the rapper while he slept. Hoopz then went into the kitchen and got flour from the cabinet and sprinkled it on Gucci's face.

Zaytonven said when Gucci woke up he was not happy, so much that he walked out of the studio, and their session never got finished. He even went on to say that even though he found it funny at the time, it isn't something he brings up because "he (Gucci Mane) might feel a certain way about."

Check out the funny clip above as the hit making producer narrates the prank gone wrong.

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