B.G. whose real name is Christopher Dorsey, was originally arrested in November 2009 for driving a stolen vehicle and having three weapons in his possession, two of which were also stolen.  According to reports, the


31-year-old emcee didn't make a plea deal and is looking at a possible 10 years in prison if convicted.  Since his arrested he also pleaded guilty to felony weapons and witness tampering in December of last year.  He was originally scheduled to be sentenced on March 14th, but Federal prosecutors are now pushing for a delay.

However, now the prosecution is saying that they have "received information about Dorsey from fellow federal prosecutors in Southern Illinois."  So, far they have refused to give any other specifics about the so called new information.  There's also no word as to whether or not the "new information" could add more time to B.G.'s projected maximum sentence.

Of course as this story develops, I'll keep you posted.

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