Way out toward the Lake Charles Airport is a piece of land with a driving range, bar, and putting course. It is actually the only non-club or casino driving range of its kind in the city. Putters Driving Range has been through a few owners over time, but during the change of ownership, it has benefited from being remodeled and given quite a good number of facelifts.

The 17-acre property boasts an 18-hole putting area, gazebo, inside bar, full kitchen, and of course, a giant driving range. Although it is currently closed, owner Larry Thomas said on his Facebook post that it is ready to open up for business with the turn of a key.

Facebook Larry Thomas Putters

I have personally been to Putters quite a few times and enjoyed the atmosphere, food, and the views, all while trying to remember why I enjoy golf so much as I shank golf balls across the range. The inside features a newly remodeled bar, pool table, fancy jukebox, and all of the accessories needed to ring up all of the money you'd potentially make while open. The kitchen is full-size and also has a pizza oven to complete the bar food accessories. I can remember the sandwiches at this place were absolutely top notch when we would go.

Facebook Larry Thomas Putters

You can be the new proud owner of this facility by contacting Larry Thomas at 337-515-1308 and making an offer. His post did not mention the current asking price, but there is always one way to find out. Just call him up!

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