R. Kelly is most definately one of the most popular artist in music. He is right up there with Madonna, Michael Jackson and so many more. Well he is  back and will be releasing a new album called "Buffet" which should be hitting stores in the next month.


The word that we got from R. Kelly is that the album will feature a variety of different styles of R. Kelly. It includes swingout, ballads and even a little hip hop flavor. He has finally dropped a new video for the hit single "Backyard Party" and the video features Snoop Dogg and a few other cameos. Check out the video below.


R. Kelly- "Backyard Party":

While I am particular a fan of Kells ballads, he has been known to be able to drop a variety of styles. I remember when he first got on the swingout tip with Step In The Name Of Love and of course he actually dropped a gospel album as well. R. Kelly has been one who has been able to transend music and remain relevant with the big boys. Of course I will be on the lookout for "Marching Band",  the song at the end which has hit written all over it.


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