Today in Tha Wire now that Lifetime’s docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly” has aired, many of the singer's former fans are purging their playlists. For three days the six-episode documentary laid out the gruesome details of his alleged sexual abuse by survivors, witnesses, and some members from his own camp. Their stories were shocking, very upsetting and most of all incredibly damaging to his career. R. Kelly claims he didn't watch a single clip of the docuseries, but was briefed by his people about the film and who the accusers were. TMZ reports Kells said he's "disgusted."

The Pied Piper of R&B is not only denying all the accusations, Kells believes he's the victim. According to TMZ the singer has vowed to expose his accusers for blatantly lying on him. The singers camp says he's gearing up to launch a new website called, If that's not enough, R. Kelly's first target will be Asante McGee, who claimed she was forced to be his sex slave in the documentary. A member of Kelly's team recorded a video of a phone conversation with a woman they're alleging is McGee's daughter. In the video, the unidentified women says she doesn't know why her mother is lying about being the singer's sex slave. Listen to the convo below:

It's important to note that R. Kelly's page is claiming the identity of the female heard in the video. TMZ reports no independent verification was done to identify either person talking in the phone convo. Moving on, Kelly sources tell TMZ they will list McGee extensive arrest record, adding the singer has reason to believe she is conspiring to extort money from him with the father of Joycelyn Savage(another alleged victim.) 

The Grapevine reports Kells believes the documentary is a “vendetta” against him and an attempt to destroy his character and career. Unfortunately, the singer isn't taking any accountability for his behavior. However, he is looking to cash in on all the attention. Prior to the Lifetime premiere, the R&B singer released a new single, ”Born to My Music.”

My personal opinion on this is----

Some woman will do anything for money. No one on the planet can say they didn't hear about the many sexual abuse accusations made about R. Kelly. That said, I believe some of these ladies walked into their situations with their eyes open and hoping to cop a check. I also think Kells has a problem and always did. There can't be decades of sex-related scandals and abuse by dozens of different black women, and all of it be a lie. He is and has done something, or we wouldn't keep hearing about it.


Finally, I believe the people who came forward to corroborate the stories of R. Kelly's alleged victims are just as guilty as he is. If he was as bad as they all said, they should have come forward a long time ago to make sure the singer was locked up for the disgusting heinous crimes he was committing. I feel these people stayed quiet because they were on his payroll and wanted to keep their checks coming. Period.

Again, that is my opinion.


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