The past few weeks rapper Chuck D of the legendary group Public Enemy has been on the outs with New York radio station Hot 97 and let the world know how he felt about their representation of hip hop. Although everyone didn't agree Peter Rosenberg basically went a step further and called him a internet troll and more. Well today Peter Rosenberg decided that it was time to call a  truce and apologized to Chuck D on the air. Check out the video below.

The Realness With Peter Rosenberg Apologizing To Chuck D:

It takes a real man to apologize for something that he believes in or feels a certain way about. While I understand both sides of the spectrum, hopefully they can work things out and come to be a bigger solution. Public Enemy brought plenty to the game and should be respected as such. There are some new leaders in the world now, whether they want to or not and they truly have a responsibility as well.

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