I understand some people love doing things for the gram, but what happens when things go wrong? A local rapper decided that he wanted to shoot a video and wanted to use his friend's car while making it happen. I have seen this happen and play out a lot. I know guys who have actually used police cars for album covers, but none of then went out like this guy.

Apparently, while getting the money shot for the music video, he was sitting on the window of a drop-top car. He was sitting on the windshield and reeling back and forth before he fell back a little too far and, well, I'll let you see for yourself.

I don't know how good of friends they were, but I am sure that his guy wasn't happy at all about this moment. On another note, it could have actually been worse with the rapper hitting the street and injuring himself.

While most of the artists we look up to have money, many of the independents don't. It's okay not to have, but don't hurt yourself trying to prove something that is not real.

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