Former popular Los Angeles rapper Guerrilla Black was arrested for his involvement in a credit card fraud operation where he's reported to have stolen 27,000 credit card numbers, and brought in more than $40,000 a month. You know the guy that sounded and even kinda resembled Biggie? Yeah, that guy.

Guerilla Black, gov't name Charles Tony Williamson, 35, of Torrance, was previously ndicted on similar charges in Seattle, is said to have victimized banks and credit companies in the United States, including American Express, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Bank of America and Kinecta, Manhattan Beach police Officer Stephanie Martin said.

The operation, which included the theft of over 27,000 credit card numbers also bilked money from banks in England, Switzerland, Nigeria, Mexico, Italy, Canada, Sweden, France, Australia, Norway, Ireland, Russia, Denmark and Germany, Martin said. -

Check out Guerilla Black and Beenie Man in the video for "Compton".