An aspiring rapper from Richmond, Virginia takes conspiracy theories too far when he tries to kill his friend because thought it would get him into the Illuminati and make him famous. Not only was his plan wrong and of ignorance, but it also back fired on him, literally.

According to reports, Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin tried to murder his friend while they were inside a recording studio. El-Amin told his friend that he needed to sacrifice someone to join the Illuminati and become a famous rap star.

After El-Amin pointed a gun at his friend and fired a shot. The bullet grazed his friend in the arm, and the victim was able to wrestle the gun away from El-Amin and shot him in the stomach, and then left to inform police of what happened.

El-Amin survived the shooting, but waits a trial in June. His friend was not charged.

Conspiracy theories tend to go to far. People with no proper research have created videos and books about the Illuminati’s role in entertainment and the world of business and finance, now specifically in hip-hop. Most are

 ill-advised documents that suggest that all great hip-hop stars had to sacrifice someone or themselves to reach celeb status in the entertainment industry.

And this is what people think? Not saying it isn't true, but show me where it is the truth. Don't worry, I'll wait.