Shady Records rapper Yelawolf has been hospitalized.  The 33 year was apparently brought to the hospital last Friday, where he has remained for an "illness".


His management has been tight lipped about the cause of illness and have yet to make a statement.  However, Live Nation has made a statement in regard to to his current condition.  Press play to get the little details that we have with Tha Wire now.


Meanwhile, I have an update on the shooting in Arizona.  As it turns out 14 not 13 people were shot and 3 not 2 gunman were responsible for the shooting.  Find out what the club and are saying about the incident and learn who's been charged for the tragedy now.


Finally, A few months Odd Future frontman Tyler The Creator had a rather expensive temper tantrum.  While performing, he became enraged by the "bad sound" quality at a Hollywood club and ransacked the stage.  It would proove to be an expensive mistake.  Find out how much now.

For the 411, the scoop and skinny in today's entertainment news, press play now to hear Tha Wire: 



In an update on the story I brought you yesterday, the cyber-thiefs that robbed Sony Music's computers have already been caught!  You can bet, they're in some deep trouble too.  Two men have been arrested and charged with computer hacking and stealing Michael Jackson's near priceless back catalogue.

A catalogue that Sony paid $250 million for was lifted with ease by the crooks, 26 yr old James Mark and 25 yr. old James MC Cormick.  The two men were taken into custody by Britain's Serious Organized Crime Agency recently and have since plead not guilty.

According to the associated Press, both men were released on bail and are set to stand trial next year in January.


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