Rappers become so big, they themselves become a business. Let's not forget Jay Z's legendary line, "I'm not a businessman. I'm a business, man." And the bigger the rap star, the more money coming in (and going out), making them easy targets for lawsuits.

Lil Wayne made headlines last week when it was reported that the Young Money general was being sued by American Express for an astronomical unpaid bill totaling more than $85,000. Although this can be slightly embarrassing, Weezy F. Baby isn't the first rap star to be sued by a major company.

Then there's DJ Khaled for example. The "I Got the Keys" creator got sued by a jewelry company back in 2015 for failing to pay a bill for two Rolex watches, a pair of diamond earrings, a four-karat diamond ring and a custom-made diamond chain.

And bills aren't the only reason rappers are getting sued. Rappers like Jay Z have been sued multiple times for their business ventures. When Hov was branching out into the clothing game with Rocawear back in the day, he was suited by manufacturers for unpaid bills and other brands for kicking their copyrighted style.

More often than not, promo companies can seek damages from rappers who don't fulfill performance requirements. Back in 2015 for example, Future was sued by an Arkansas club for showing up late and only performing one song. Missy Elliott was sued for failing to properly promote her own show in Brazil.

Check out how many times your favorite MCs and hip-hop stars have endured the headaches of being sued by major companies.