On Friday, I lost someone who was truly a good friend, mentor, and a brother to me. We both shared love for radio and similar love for our mothers. His mother was just a few years older than mine. Charles Anthony Sewell was a radio man. He knew the ways to really perfect radio and create a momentum that would keep people around, listening to you for hours.

That radio voice and friend I could call regardless of how big or small the issue was is no longer here. Sadly, I had just sent him a text on Tuesday and never heard back. It wasn't unusual, as he was a busy guy and would generally call or text me back within hours or a day at the most. I saw the news on one of my friend's Facebook page, and I think my mouth was opened for about five minutes. I could not believe it and instantly started calling her and anyone we had mutual relationships with. She confirmed it was true and, although it's three days later, I am still trying to accept that I no longer have him to call.

He was one of the reasons I moved to Lake Charles, as he really vouched for my progression and opportunities to grow. He continued to be one of my biggest supporters and we would talk often. If I was overwhelmed and just need a friend, he was there. He would talk me off the cliff sometimes and gave plenty of advice I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

My heart goes out to his mom, who he loved unconditionally, and his family who I never had the pleasure of meeting. I was just looking at recent texts between us and thinking about how those will be my memories of my friend. Thanks, Charles, for the knowledge and brotherhood that will never be replaced.

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