I had just moved to Lake Charles when I heard on the radio that morning about the devastating loss of singer Aaliyah. She was only 22 years old at the time, but had several movies under her belt and also three albums that had made some noise as well.

In my opinion, I don't believe that alot of the female artist who are thriving now would be as big if it weren't for Aaliyah really breaking ground. I look at several of the females including Beyonce, Mila J and Ciara who not in a disrespectful manner have little bits of Aaliyah in their style.

Today marks 15 years since we heard about the plane crash that took her life along with some of the members of her entourage as well. The really sad thing about it is we never got the chance to see what she could have become if she were still alive today. She had also just wrapped up the video for "Rock The Boat" which while beautiful to watch is still a little eerie at best. Unfortunately the album is unavailable on any streaming site, but should be available through Amazon if you would like to add to your collection. Check out the classic throwback from Aaliyah as we remember her short but long lived legacy on the industry.

Aaliyah- "Rock The Boat":


Aaliyah- "Four Page Letter":

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