Today in Tha Wire female rap pioneer and reality star, Remy Ma, has been accused of giving her Love & Hip Hop New York cast-mate a fist-sandwich during an alleged backstage squabble an Irving Plaza benefit concert. Page Six reports up-an-comin' rapper, Brittney Taylor, filed assault charges against the 38-year rap mogul claiming Ma clocked her in the right eye last month.

Taylor alleges the assault took place at a on April 16, 2019 after she told Remy she had to save Papoose's daughter, Dejanae, from a man trying to attack her over spring break. To which the Bronx raptress supposedly said, “She [Ma] was like, That’s not what I heard," then me in the face.”

Ma, whose real name is Reminisce Smith, served six years of an eight year sentence for attempted murder. The raptress shot her former friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph in the stomach for stealing $1,000 from her purse in a 2007. Since then the rap diva has turned her life around, jump-started her career, started several business ventures, found TV fame in the reality world, not to mention welcoming another child to her family with husband Papoose.

AllHipHop reports everything she worked for could be in jeopardy now, because Remy has been on parole since her release in 2014. Her parole will be over in 90 days, however if the charges stick she'll be in violation and worse case scenario even get more jail time. So far Ma is staying quiet about the allegations and letting her attorney, Dawn Florio, do all the talking. Wednesday the Terror Squad femcee turned herself in, was arrested, booked and charged with third-degree assault.

The arraignment took place last night as well in 13th the precinct station of Manhattan Criminal Court. According to TMZ Ma performed at the benefit but her attorney pointed out there was a major problem with Taylor's story. She told police the assault happened around 9:30 PM, but Florio said they have proof via video surveillance, that Remy Ma was back home at that time. The attorney said it was awfully strange that Taylor lawyered-up so quickly after filing the complaint. Florio added, “The complainant is a liar. My client did not touch her. This is clout chasing at the highest level.”

By the way the Taylor was reportedly treated for her black eye at Mount Sinai Hospital after the alleged fight took place. Her lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein clapped back and said of the incident, “This arrest demonstrates how serious this matter is, it is real life and not reality-TV entertainment."

Meanwhile the judge over the case gave Remy a 8 PM curfew, fitted her with an ankle bracelet, and approved Taylor's request for a protective order. With only 90 days left on parole I really hope Remy can clear her name. For now the rap superstar is out on $1,500 bail and her next court date is scheduled for May 24, 2019.



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