Today is Black Womens Equal Pay Day—a day set aside to address the disparity between black women's pay, and well, everyone else's.

In a graphic supporting the day, the ACLU says that Black women would need to work 66 years to make what white men make in only 40 years. In other words, it would take Black women 19 months to earn what white men earn in a year. On average, Black women only make 63 cents for every dollar their white male counterparts earn. The pay gap leads to staggering inequalities—black women are projected to lose more than $840,000 over the course of a career compared to white men. When you add on that 80 percent of Black women serve as the breadwinner for their households, the statistics are especially appalling.

In honor the day, the hashtag #BlackWomensEqualPay has been trending on Twitter, with numerous celebrities drawing attention to the issue, including Remy Ma, Tracee Ellis Ross and Kamala Harris.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions to  Black Womens Equal Pay Day below.

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