Zoe Saldana is coming back to the big screen as she takes on the role of legendary jazz singer Nina Simone. There was talk initially that Mary J Blige wanted to play the role, but apparently that idea got shot down. While there are plenty of great actresses who actually display the qualities and characteristics. You have to wonder how did Zoe get the role and do you think it's a good choice.


Peeo out the just released trailer and let me know you thoughts on the movie. Zoe is also one of the producers of the movie and actually has a pretty good track record for good movies. Some of the jazz lovers don't approve of the choice, but hopefully they are will ing to give the movie a chance and see how she pulls it off.


Nina Simone Movie Trailer starring Zoe Saldana:

Although I wasn't really into her music from back in the day. I think I'm going to take a look at this and see how they handle it. It's always great to have movies that not only present a great feature, but also give a little education as well when it comes down to it. We all need to know out history.


Nina Simone Live Performance:

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