Creating the hottest music is upcoming producer Keith Charles Spacebar. He took three tracks which he's not familiar with and was able to create some magic in the lab. The way he flipped the track that was originally StarPoint "Object Of My Desire" was very creative.

With Rhythm Roulette it's an opportunity for producers to get the shine. While they create a lot of hot beats, they are generally behind the scene and never get the look they should. Check him out with the way he flipped this track from the r&b jam from back in the day.


Rhythm Roulette With Keith Charles Spacebar:

Here's a song that he produced and performed last year. Also for you new school cat's check out the original song that was a number one hit from back in the day. The group was called Starpoint and featuring the lovely lead of singer Renee Diggs who passed away in 2005, but had one of the best voices that I remember.


Keith Charles Spacebar- "ILY2":


Starpoint- "Object Of My Desire":


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