If you have heard tracks from the Migos like "Slippery" or "Walk It Talk It" and Chris Browns "Pills and Automobile" then you have heard some of the work of producers OG Parker and his partner in beats Deko.

He hails from Fayetteville Georgia and is known to cook up something in the lab to keep the clubs rocking. Here is another episode of Rhythm Roulette featuring the two producers doing their thing in the lab. From the looks of it, they work really well together and came up with a potential hit for someone.

Rhythm Roulette with producers OG Parker and Deko:

They obviously have a pretty good relationship and are also working on some future EDM projects that will hitting the streets soon. While they created something withing 5 minutes I am sure that they are going to build up the track a little more and put it on the market.

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