I believe that Hi-Tek is possibly one of the most underated producers in the game. Not only is a beast on the turntable, but along with his help he has propelled the sounds of Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Snoop Dogg and so many others with his production of hot beats and smooth rhythms.

Rhythm Roulette brings out the best in producers and puts them against the clock as they only have about 5 minutes or so to create beat out of only 3 records. The fact that they are blindfolded when picking the tracks, makes it that much more fun. Check out Hi-Tek as he gets in the lab and creates what could be a masterpiece for any hip hop artist out right now.


Hi-Tek on Rhythm Roulette:


I am a hip hop head, but I love great music and there is something about seeing a creative mind go into the lab and come out with a masterpiece. Make sure you check out some of his music from other artist that he has been working with in the past.