Notably absent from the many projects announced by Lucasfilm during its big Disney investor presentation late last year was any mention of the previously revealed trilogy of Star Wars movies that was supposedly being written and directed by Rian Johnson, who previously made Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the middle installment of the final Skywalker trilogy. Johnson’s own Star Wars movies were announced around the same time that The Last Jedi opened in theaters in 2017, but since then there hasn’t been much (if any) new information, even as Lucasfilm announced all kinds of new Star Wars shows and films, like Rogue Squadron from director Patty Jenkins.

If you’ve been wondering about these Rian Johnson Star Wars movies, and whether they are even still in development, here’s a small update. Author Sariah Wilson recently conducted a Zoom interview with Johnson and she said that he said those films are “still on.”

(If you’re curious about Johnson’s opinion about his own work, Wilson also said Johnson “absolutely saw [Rey and Kylo Ren] as a romance.”)

This will be welcome news for fans of The Last Jedi — and everyone loved that movie, right? It wasn’t controversial at all! Nothing but uniform appreciation all across the board. Frankly, we’re excited for any more Star Wars movies at this point, when it seems like the success of The Mandalorian has inspired Lucasfilm to focus almost all their creative energies on Disney+ series and movies and movie theaters in general are having a really rough go of it. It would be nice if The Last Jedi wasn’t actually one of the last movies featuring Jedi.

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