Rick Ross is known to call out rappers on wax when they slip up. After airing out Birdman on "Idols Become Rivals" last year, the MMG CEO has seemingly shifted his energy toward the beleaguered 6ix9ine in his new verse for Meek Mill's "What's Free."

Earlier today (Nov. 30), Meek dropped his long-awaited studio album Championships, which holds his standout collaboration with Rozay and Jay-Z. Towards the end of his verse, Ross appears to address Tekashi's rise and fall after the Dummy Boy rapper was arrested for racketeering and firearms charges on Nov. 18. He uses a homophobic slur at the very end of his verse.

"Screaming "gang gang," now you wanna rap/Racketeering charges caught him on a tap," Ross raps. "Lookin' for a bond, lawyers wanna tax/Purple hair got them faggots on your back."

While Rozay didn't mention Tekashi's name at all, his bringing up purple hair and racketeering charges is less than two weeks after Tekashi was arrested for those type of charges doesn't strike people as a coincidence.

The bawse's seeming attack on the rainbow-haired artist comes as 6ix9ine sits behind bars awaiting trial for the aforementioned racketeering and firearms charges, which could land Tekashi a life sentence if he's convicted. "What's Free" also comes shortly after reports that 6ix9ine's former manager and crew plotted to harm him. According to transcripts of wiretapped conversations from the reputed members of the Brooklyn-based Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, Kifano Jordan (aka Shotti, Tekashi's former manager), Jamel "Murda Mel" Jones and others discussed plans to "super violate" the "Fefe" rapper.

"[Tekashi] is trying to dry snitch at the same time, homie," Jones says. "But he keep saying, fuck Treyway, fuck that nigga, Treyway. Ain't no nigga, Treway. Fuck Treway."

Listen to Meek Mill's "What's Free" featuring Rick Ross and Jay-Z and check out the tweets about Ross' alleged 6ix9ine diss below.

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