Rolling Loud's organizers have been getting a lot of backlash after Offset crashed Cardi B's headlining set and tried to win her back again after the "Money" rapper announced their break-up. Now the festival's founder is saying they had no prior knowledge about the Migos rapper's plans.

On the day after the Cardi's set (Dec. 16), Rolling Loud co-founder Tariq Cherif told the L.A. Times that no one on his team had any idea of what Offset what planning to do on stage. Prior to the set, they were informed that all three Migos rappers were set to hit the stage with Cardi. However, they weren't included on the apologetic act that quickly went viral.

“We were told she was going to have a guest star during her set, that it was going to be Migos, but we didn’t know anything about that stunt,” Cherif said. “We’re getting blamed as if we conspired to do this, and I just want to make it clear that we did not. Cardi’s management was in on it, it had nothing to do with the festival. The artist is in full control of the stage and they determine who gets on and off.”

Instead of the Migos coming through, only Offset appeared on stage at the beginning of Cardi's set. After cases of flowers that spelled out "TAKE ME BACK CARDI" were rolled out on the Audiomack stage, her estranged husband walked out and delivered another public apology in an attempt to change her mind about the status of their marriage.

“I just want to tell you I’m sorry, bruh,” Offset muttered to Cardi, who looked as if she wasn't having any of it.

After her set, Twitter went off. After enraged users ranked on Offset for interrupting her at work, the blame shifted towards the festival's organizers for allowing the stunt to happen. Although a now-deleted tweet indicated that they knew something would happen during her set, Cherif asserts that they "share the sentiment" that Offset slightly diminished Cardi's moment as the closing headliner of Day 2, and have apologized for what happened.

“We sent her a [direct message] on Instagram saying we loved her, and that if she didn’t know, that we’re sorry it happened,” Cherif said. “It was a stellar performance and we want to align ourselves with her for years to come.”

Since the stunt went down, Cardi has asked her fans to stop clowning her baby's father and to give her time to process everything that's going on in her personal life. Hopefully, both rappers will come to some sort of understanding soon for the sake of their daughter, Kulture.

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