Last year, Lake Charles received devastation with two hurricanes back to back. I remind people of this often, as we have all but been forgotten. I had a friend who came to visit me yesterday from Atlanta and although I told him how things were here, he hadn't been here since the hurricanes and his mouth was floored.

This brings me to today with things happening at the job. We are finally getting a job done on our roof that took a beating last year. What is funny is Gina was preparing to do her show this morning and as soon as she was about to go live, the drilling started right above her head. Thanks to the guys for working on the building for us, but it probably couldn't happen at a more inopportune time.

This is just another example of getting someone to do the job for you and not procrastinating. With the demand for workers all over the city after the hurricanes, you have to snag someone when can. However, the guys have truly been respectful of what we do and are working with us to help us give you guys the best shows, while allowing them to continue to do their jobs. Still, if you happen to hear a little knock when I turn the mic on, it's just the boys up top getting us right as we go into another hurricane season.

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