Happy New Year and Happy Mardi Gras! With the beginning of Carnival, it's also officially king cake season in Louisiana. Have you had one of the delicious gourmet king cakes at Rouses Market? They're a lot different from the traditional flavors.

Rouses took the king cake to another level and now is a good time for you to try one! They have at least 9 different, brownie, cookie dough, wedding cake, dutch-apple pie, red velvet, bananas foster, root beer, lemon chocolate doberge, and strawberry white chocolate. That's outside of the standard king cake flavors like cinnamon or Bavarian cream!

In celebration of the new year and king cake season, as Marie Antoinette once said, "Let them eat cake." Rousses is going to be giving away hundreds of king cakes in ALL its locations this Saturday, January 6, 2024. So, be sure to stop and sample one of these delicious king cakes.

For five full hours, ALL Rousses Market locations will kick off The King’s Day Cake Walk event. Customers can stop by a Rousse near them from 11 am to 4 pm and enter to win a FREE KING CAKE. A winner will be chosen every hour!
By the way, they can ship a king cake anywhere in the continental U.S. So, if you have loved ones Jonesin for a king cake, or perhaps never had the pleasure of eating one, here's your chance to send them a little taste from home. Just visit www.rouses.com, select your cake, and order!

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