I am a huge fan of Fatal Attraction and basically every show on the ID Channel. It seems like yesterday when a story right off of the network came to reality. I was a big fan and follower of the hit show on the OWN Network called Welcome to Sweetie Pie's. Unfortunately, if you look them up now, they are being discussed for everything but their great menu and service.

The restaurant was started by Robbie Montgomery, who took some of her mom's recipes and created a food heaven of sorts in St. Louis. They were featured in their own reality series, Welcome to Sweetie Pie's for five years and gained fans from all over who found out about the restaurant for the first time due to the show. Robbie ran the establishment with her son, Tim Norman, who previously had been arrested for many years and was able to come home into a managerial role to help build the empire.

I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment when I read Tim had been arrested in a murder-for-hire plot of his very own nephew, Andre Montgomery Jr. I still can't believe it, as this is something you just don't want to accept. When I watched the show, it was troubling to see the hurt Robbie had from losing a son back in the nineties and then to lose the son of that deceased child the same way.

Even more troubling was I remember watching the show after Andre's murder and seeing the emotion in Tim and how he reacted from the news. This is a sick individual, and the fact that he was able to go on with his life after the murder is even more sick. My prayers go out to Robbie on this shocker, which is simply just not something she should be dealing with. I hope justice is served, as Tim and everyone involved should get the maximum time if found guilty of this senseless crime.

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