I am getting variations of the definition of "Piped Up". It of course can be a reference to some of the recreational activity in Baton Rouge and it can also speak on having a great work out and getting your body right. But for rapper Sam I Am, this is about have a second chance at life and returning to claim the spot that he once held on the Jigg city music scene.

He is preparing to release a new album called "Reincarnated" and it should touch on things going on in his life. He had a near death experience last year that could have kept him from returning to the music scene, but he prevailed and took his health as a priority and now he is back and better then ever.

Sam I Am- "Piped Up":

Be on the lookout for more big things to come in the very near future from Sam I Am and the Moneymakers Entertainment group. Take this day to get Piped Up on doing something positive to get you going in the right direction.

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