This past month we gave the listeners a chance to win tickets to "The Sexy Men Of R&B" concert in Beaumont. The show was great and the audience really enjoyed the music from all of the acts.

Beaumont native and actor Andre Pitre kicked off the show and performed a few covers and then did on of his own. He dedicated the song to his father who he recently lost a few months ago. While he did a great job, the how was running late and he didn't get the chance to perform as long as he wanted to.

Andre Pitre Live Performance:

Next Dave Hollister came and had the people on their feet from the beginning to the end. He performed "One Woman Man", "My Favorite Girl" and of course "Before I Let You Go". He gave a great performance and also talked about his latest album Chicago Wind which is currently available in stores and online now.



Tank came through next and performed some of his many hits and called Beaumont like a second home. He performed his first concert there in 2001 and always remembered the love he got from the city. So much so that he came back and picked up a trio of guy and took them to LA. He brought the guys on stage and they ripped it. They are called 12Til and they killed covers from Jodeci, H-Town and even Aaliyah. I am sure we will be hearing more from them this year.

12Til Performing TGT:

Ginuwine came next and took us through his many hits including "So Anxious", "Pony", "Stingy" and still has it as he showed his dance moves on stage and had the ladies in the crowd singing out loud.


To close out the show was Keith Sweat and the crowd of music lovers knew all of the words to his songs and more. He was definately the show closer and from the looks of it. He hasn't lost a beat. I am sure that along with his radio show, he will be releasing new music to the fans sometime this year. Props to KBW for giving us a great show and showing us that real R&B is still out there. I think there will be more shows to come of this caliber and I will be in the building for sure.

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