Shae Nycole dropped a new single and amazing video for her rendition of All I Want For Christmas. I tell you, they brought Louisiana to the party with this one. She did an amazing job. Shae has gone through a lot over the past year with the passing of her father. On top of that, her mother was personally affected by Hurricanes Laura and Delta with substantial damage to the family home.

When I saw this video it reminded me of what it's like in the family household for the holidays. Unfortunately we are currently in a pandemic and things are not the usual. This song and the way they added Dat Beat, which is slang for the bounce sound from New Orleans, to it make me a believer.

Not only did Shae add life to her version, but so did her mother and brother, Gus Antoine, along with her kids who all brought their own flavor to the already classic song. This one is definitely going into rotation, and for Louisiana, this is going to be on the playlist for Christmases to come. Check out the fun video and let's rock with it.

Not many people can take a Mariah Carey song and make it work, but this family made it work and I am sure this will not be the last time we hear them coming together. Also, be on the lookout for new music from Shae Nycole, including the new soon-to-be-hit, Lessons &  Blessings.

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