At 7’1, I don’t know how you can mistaken him for anyone else, but watch as Shaquille O’Neal goes undercover as a Lyft driver to pick up unsuspecting passengers in Atlanta.

Shaq is known to be a pretty fun guy, so it’s no surprise that he signed on to surprise a few folks on hidden camera. Most of the people he picked up had a feeling it might be him, but weren’t sure. One lady was completely oblivious to the fact her driver is four-time NBA champion, and a member of the 2016 "Hall of Fame Class.” Surprise!

I’ve watched several of these Lyft promo videos where Jerry Rice, Danica Patrick, and Richard Sherman have also went undercover to surprise passengers. As famous as those three people are, they may have had a better chance at getting one over on me, but not the guy we once referred to as “the big Aristotle.” No matter what he wears, he still looks like Shaq. Shaq in a dress, Shaq in a wig. He’s got a one-of-a-kind demeanor, size, and voice. Shaq, we knew it was you all along.

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