Shaquille O'Neal was in New Iberia, Louisiana on Wednesday, September, 18, as a guest of honor for a fundraiser benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Acadiana.

The NBA Hall of Famer, who frequented the Boys and Girls Club in his youth, considers Louisiana home and told Lafayette's News 15, “I live here in Louisiana. So, a friend of mine asked me to come say high to some kids, shoot some baskets take some pictures. I’m not doing anything else I don’t have a real job". Shaq also reiterated the Boys and Girls Club role in his life.

“Well [the Boys and Girls Club] also saved my life. It was the same cop who said, ‘I don’t want you hanging on the street with these guys. Go across the street to the Boys and Girls Club.’ So, you know, a lot of factors made me who I am today. Whenever I can do something for the boys and girls club in any city, any state, I’m always there.”

O'Neal reportedly donated more than $5,000 to the organization. He also let a couple of kids shoot free throws so they could get some more money out of him, and they were successful.

[Source: News15]

Check out this post from my friend Pallo Da Jiint's Instagram, where he was present for the event that Shaq attended.

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