Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf surprised everyone last week with a freestyle over "Five Fingers of Death," on Sway In The Morning. Today, The Breakfast Club posted a new freestyle from the actor, which he shared with host Charlamagne.

LaBeouf starts off by saying introducing himself to Charlemagne and says he's a fan. He asks him to play his track on his podcast but to "excuse the quality [because] this is just on voice notes over YouTube beats." It seems like Shia just wanted to get some of his opinions off his chest about the music industry but made sure to preface with "I'm not a rapper."

Over Jaylib's "The Heist" beat, LaBeouf opens with dissing Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, most likely starting with him because Rosenberg dissed LaBeouf's Sway freestyle. "Rosenberg's the oldest turd/ He knows he's dirt/ Chasing relevance, holes in shirt/ Hard when you 50 and you working at the station but your station's in the place that's like 50 in the nation."

He then throws slight shade at Drake "fake" Jamaican accent, and Vin Diesel's movie career. Shia's also not a big fan of Lil Yatchy, who he calls out by his real name, Miles Parks McCollum.

"I've heard enough from Miles Park McCollum, McCollum/ I'm miles above him/ I got 'em, I get 'em/ This young man's a victim/ My wisdom will quiz him." He continues with "This a murder, this is tragedy man/ He's like Lil Romeo meets Ragedy Ann."

He dissed Drake and Yachty in his last freestyle, too.

Will either rapper take the time to respond to the shade? We'll keep you posted!


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