Why go to a concert, pay money to get in and throw something at the artist on stage?  That's so childish.  Plus, it's incredibly disrespectful to the artist that's trying to perform for you.  Can you imagine singing and someone throws a full can of beer or a drink at you? 

Sadly enough, it looks like it's becoming a growing trend.  There's always one idiot that ruins it for everyone.  That's exactly what happened at a Tyga concert recently.




So sad.  We gotta do better people.

In other news, Snoop Dogg and celeb blogger Perez Hilton have been named in a lawsuit after allegedly witnessing an altercation and doing nothing to stop it.  Allegedly, a woman was being beat up at a party and Snoop and Perez where witnesses to the incident.  On top of that the two refused to cooperate with police in the investigation.  Press play to hear all the drama with Tha Wire now.

Meanwhile, celebrity attorney Mark Geragos scored another one for the team.  Cashing in on the lawsuit he and Michael Jackson filed against the owner of a charter jet company.  Finally, Brandy fans will be happy to know that VH1 is airing a special Behind The Music series showcasing the star next month.

Get all of today's juicy details right now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire:


In the market for a new penthouse apartment in SoHo?  Cool, it's only gonna run ya mere $17.9.  That's the asking price from Alicia Keys and her hubby Swizz Beatz.  The couple is looking to make a profit after only living in the trendy New York pad for two years.

They actually bought the property from Lenny Kravitz who ironically had it on the market for an incredible eight years, before he sold it to them for $14.5 in 2010.  Hopefully it wont take Alicia and Swizz that long to sell it this go around.

So you'll know, the gorgeous property features a home theater, win cellar, floating glass stair case, state of the art gourmet eat-in kitchen, five bedrooms, four bathrooms and more!