Skillz formerly known as Mad Skillz has been on the low one of the hottest artist coming out of Virginia. He linked up a little with Timbaland and then was known as a hype man for DJ Jazzy Jeff. He later took on the deejaying side of it and started booking gigs all over as well.

But one thing he has been known for over the past few years is making an end of the year rap up song. This is where he speaks on various events that happened over the year. You can check out his from 2017 below.

Mad Skillz- "2017 Rap Up":

Well starting last year Uncle Murder who is also known as Lenny Grant took it upon himself to start doing one as well. It seemed that Murda took more of a poking fun type approach and rattled a few feathers with his style. Skillz was approached about them doing one together and I can't say that he was to keen on the idea. With that being said Uncle Murda decided to take a few shots at Skillz in his version below.


Uncle Murda -"Rap Up 2017":

Alright the story continues and the blood is definitely bad as Skillz just dropped a scathing diss song that may take things to another level in this beefing game. I am a firm believer of leaving well enough for lone. Skillz started this and should be able to maintain. It's not like he gets paid for doing it. It's simply something that he enjoys doing and the fans look forward to it every year. Maybe we can get some things handled before this goes to far and the artist can have a sit down and talk things out.


Skillz- Murda Gram(Uncle Murda Diss):

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