Slim Thug is not just living the boss life. The Houston rapper declares that he is a ruler too on the appropriately titled single "King." The song will be the intro to Slim's upcoming album Hogg Life 4: American King which works well as it sets a tone for the latest chapter in his career.

"Making sure as I get older, I get colder/And if you hating that, I ain't tryna know ya/Cause kings only kick it with kings/You ain't thinking like that, you ain't on my team," Slim Thug raps on the track.

It is hard to deny Slim Thug's status as a king of sorts. The veteran MC has diversified his empire with his Boss Life Clothing line and Boss Life Construction, which helps to build homes for people with low credit scores. Slim has also shown himself to be an influential figure in his hometown. The Boss Hogg Outlaw was one of the many Houston rappers to recently open up accounts at the black owned Unity Bank in the city's Third Ward.

Slim Thug will give fans an opportunity to hear about his kingly status on the fourth edition of his Hogg Life album series. Hogg Life Vol. 4: American King is scheduled to drop on Aug. 5. You can check out the official tracklist below and pre-order the LP now on iTunes.

1. "King"
2. "Enemy"
3. "Family"
4. "Get Better"
5. "Hustle"
6. "Get Rich"
7. They Just Wanna Be Heard" (feat. Boosie BadAzz)
8. "Idky"(feat. Xo)
9. "Real"
10. "Peaceful"
11. 1000" (feat. Boosie BadAzz)
12. "Hold Your Head Up"
13. "Love Letter"
14. "He Will"
15. "Chuuch" (feat. Nikki Lactson)

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