I like smoked meats. In the Louisiana town of Ville Platte they have a whole festival dedicated to the slow cooking of meat over a smokey fire. This method of cooking and preserving meats is a time honored tradition and boy do the meats taste good.

It wasn't too long ago I got my first taste of smoked boudin. That wonderful Louisiana pork pudding, that's what the government calls it. Boudin is usually cooked by methods other than smoking. So I was pleasantly surprised at just how much flavor the smoking process added to the flavor of my favorite boudin.

I say all this just so you can understand that  I am no stranger to smoked foods. I am a stranger to this culinary craze that appears to have taken hold in the United Kindom.

The product is called Smoked Water. It's exactly what you think it is. It's water that has been exposed to hours and hours of wood smoke. Those who swear by it say its smokey goodness is quite refreshing. Personally, I would think it would have all the taste appeal of drinking from a Boy Scout canteen that was left outside all night by a smoldering campfire.

Among the uses for  smoked water include making smoked water ice cubes. I understand the smokey flavor really compliments cocktails that are made with smoke infused booze like whiskey.

If you're an outdoorsy type you can make your own smoked water.  If you're on the lazy side you can buy some water that is already smoked. It runs you about 4 British Pounds for a 150 ml bottle. That's about $5 bucks for a bottle of liquid that looks like a urine sample from a severely dehydrated patient. I am probably wrong for describing the product that way but I've been wrong many times before.

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