Snoop Dogg dropped by "The Breakfast Club" to discuss his game show "Joker's Wild," but also talked about Tupac, Kanye West, and much more.

The famed rapper tells unheard Tupac stories and responds to Charlamagne Tha God's question about rather the late rapper would be considered a clout chaser in today's hip-hop world. Snoop also thinks that if Kanye West had black women in his life he wouldn't be acting the way he has lately.

Uncle Snoop also talked about the second thing that everyone knows him for, smoking. He talks about smoking weed at an event where Oprah was, and choose not to reveal several people he's smoked with that would probably shock the world. He also dished on his new TBS television series "Joker's Wild" of which he's the host.

For all of this and more, as well as his explanation for recording and releasing a gospel album, and growing as a man for the sake of his family, check out the full interview above!

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