Let me guess, you or your wife decided to go to Tractor Supply and buy all of the chickens they had in stock because that's just the thing to do during springtime. Now, you have all of these chickens running around the yard just hoping they will lay eggs or they'll end up in the pot. Perhaps while you await the results, you can entertain yourself with chicken arms.

Amazon, ArmedPet
Amazon, ArmedPet

I have no idea how I ran across these, but it makes me want a chicken just to see how funny it would look. They're on Amazon by a company called ArmedPet. The name seems fitting, right? They have T-Rex arms and even muscle arms for when I assume you want to show the other chickens who's boss.

They seem to fit around your favorite chicken sort of like a headband, but for a chicken. I've seen some videos of them running around, and I honestly cannot stop laughing at how funny they look bobbing up and down with arms. I think I would just need to buy all of the arms and let them run around wearing them all the time.

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