I'll be honest, there was nothing more fun during the summer than staying with my grandmother, Mama Bess, eating one of her BLT sandwiches with cheese, a cold Dr. Pepper, Doritos, and watching Days of Our Lives. The entire family watched it as I remember. It would end and my grandmother would call her best friend down the road, we called her Cot. Her last name was Cotten as in Cotten's Western Wear.

Cot, can you believe what happened to Marlena? Lord, I will be praying extra tonight after seeing all of that. How can they even put that on the TV?

This would be when Marlena somehow got possessed by an evil spirit back then. It's really the first detail I remember about the soap. That and there was some guy that made a robot clone of one of the girls. Oh, and let's not forget Stefano. Maybe I was more hooked than I thought on this trash. Also, while looking for this video clip, I saw she got re-possessed in 2021.

Your MeMaw is about to get real mad now, though. After 57 years on the air, the giant soap opera is being removed and placed on Peacock! Starting September 12, that will be all she wrote. You've got a month to teach MeMaw how to use a streaming service!

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